Jana S Ben-Nun

Jana S. Ben-Nun (DeNoon) is a writer/speaker advocate for Biblical Equality. She has done extensive research on Cults with a special interest on The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

Jana has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from Florida State University and completed credit for her Masters at the University of West Florida. Former Adjunct Professor at the University West Florida, she also has her Nursing Mid-wife Degree from The Czech Republic Jana continues to study scholastically on Biblical Prophecy, as pertaining to End Times. She has studied Koine Greek for the purpose of understanding G-d’s view on women. She is fluent in 6 languages including Russian, Slovak, and Hungarian. As a linguist Jana has an edge Biblical Languages from a scholastic point of view.

Jana’s calling is to be a voice for women that have been silenced by misguided doctrinal views.