Zen Garcia

Zen Garcia is an advocate for the less fortunate. Through the nonprofit, Endeavor Freedom, Inc. he has assistanced the homeless, veterans, orphaned, widowed, disabled, and even animals in need.

He hosts two radio shows, Momentary Zen broadcast on Revolution Radio Wednesday evenings 8 PM to 10 PM Eastern and Secrets Revealed broadcast on Truth Frequency Radio Thursday evenings 9 PM to 11 PM Eastern.

He has just recently joined in collaboration with Laurel Austin on a new blog-talk radio show to bring awareness, specifically to new parents, on the dangers of vaccine toxicity and the immune-health issues associated to vaccinating people especially the children and the elderly.

Zen is the author of 12 books: Look Somewhere Different (1992), When the Evening Dies (1994), A Different Way of Being (2004), Lucifer: Father of Cain (2010), Awaken to the New World Order (2010), Sons of God (2012), Skyfall: Angels Of Destiny (2013), The Aramaic and Palestinian Targum (2014), The Flat Earth As Key to Decrypt the Book of Enoch (2015), The Firmament: Vaulted of the Earth (2016), The Great Contest: War In Heaven (2017), and The Great Contest II: Enmity Between The Seed-lines (2017).

He is also the founder of Sacred Word Publishing, LLC established in November 2016 as a platform to publish and republish forgotten, out-of-print, and new author materials connected to sharing the revelation of the word of the Most High God